Questions and Answers section

What is the added value of Kolatz DJ services?

Each event is unique leaving many memories. Whether it’s a wedding, a private or corporate party, or any other celebration, the warranty of having a professional with experience in any environment, either exquisite or relaxed, and with a vast knowledge of all musical genres, will provide the necessary peace of mind to enjoy the moment fully.

Is there some standard pricing for the DJ services?

The values always depend on many details, so they are always estimated on a case by case basis.

How did Kolatz started to work as DJ?

Original from Ericeira, the capital of European Surf, soon in Kolatz childhood came a deep love for music. He had a few bands with surf colleagues, played drums, keyboards, bass guitar, sax, among anything that would produce some sound.

Soon he entered the local club scene, from Ouriço to Sociedade Anónima, and also played many of the local pubs. There were the early 90’s, and Ericeira was all about grunge, punk rock, hard rock and progressive rock, and the pop or early house music for warm-ups.

Then his work took him abroad, having lived in Barcelona, London and Berlin, with professional trips to all major european cities, US and Canada. It was more than a decade of learning music, sound design, music production, mixing, mastering and sound engineering.

What would you suggest to a client that is looking for a Professional DJ?

Look for empathy and professionalism. Any event with a professional with these characteristics is tailored for success.

What is Kolatz technical education?

Many courses in areas of DJing, music production and sound engineering, at prestigious international schools like Pioneer Pro DJ, Berklee College of Music and Point Blank Music School.

What languages does Kolatz speak?

Portuguese, english and spanish.

What is the process like when starting up with a new client?

After the client provides the required information about the service, a base quote will be provided.

In the case that the client verifies that the quote is within the event budget, then a meeting will be scheduled to define all the details, confirming all the requirements, defining the final price and sign a contract, proceeding also with the payment of the reservation fee of 30% with a minimum of 100€.

From this point on we will be in contact to define all the details until the event date.

What is the required information to be able to quote a DJ service?

  • Type of event
  • Specific location
  • Date and time
  • Duration
  • Typology of the venue, including if there will be a reception outdoors or in other locations
  • Musical requirements (playlist)
  • Technical requirements (sound, light, etc.)
  • And other relevant details

What Professional DJ services Kolatz usually perform?

  • Weddings
  • Other celebrations
  • Private parties
  • Lounges and Sunsets
  • Corporate and sports events
  • Cruzes
  • Bars and Clubs

What’s the available repertoire?

Always defined with the client in the preparation meeting. Kolatz collection counts with more than 10000 songs from almost all musical genres used in parties and galas.

Will I be able to ask for a song outside the repertoire?

If requested beforehand, the song will be purchased and added to the repertoire. For last minute requests, during the event, will also have available any song from Spotify Premium.

What is the time needed to prepare for the performance?

Usually between 60 and 120 minutes, but it will always depend on the requirements for the service and the venue.