Kolatz career as an amateur DJ started back in 1988 in Ibiza. He was just a kid and usually was having summer holidays at that hotel for few years, so he knew the staff already. That hotel had a club and he was spending all nights following every move of the DJ until his parents had to force him to go to bed. Those days were still vinyl days, so lots of moves to learn and enjoy!

That year suddenly the DJs mother had some injury and he had to travel to take care of her. The hotel manager, who already knew that Kolatz was helping Miguel (DJ) whenever he had to get out of the booth, asked his parents if they allowed Kolatz to cover the DJs absence for few days. They allowed and from that night on he was the new hotel club DJ! How cool can that be?! Until the end of the holidays he was playing music for the entire hotel and he loooooved it…

Since then DJing has moved from a hobby to a serious passion and later to an even more professional way since he moved away from Portugal and lived in Barcelona, London and Berlin, with trips to several major cities in Europe, USA and Canada.

Kolatz DJ has now many years of experience and a knowledge of music that helps him choose the perfect set for each venue and even surprise the host with his good taste and vibe.

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