Original from Ericeira, the capital of European Surf, soon in Kolatz childhood came a deep love for music. He had a few bands with surf colleagues, played drums, keyboards, bass guitar, sax, among anything that would produce some sound.

Soon he entered the local club scene, from Ouriço to Sociedade Anónima, and also played many of the local pubs. There were the early 90’s, and Ericeira was all about grunge, punk rock, hard rock and progressive rock, and the pop or early house music for warm-ups.

Later at college and university, Kolatz moved to the city of the seven hills (Lisbon) and was always the spin man about campus and any school party. He developed a finely tuned ear for rhythm, scales and music and that was reflected into his mixes.

Having finished the university, as most of the musicians, he got himself a regular job, but kept his music and djing in parallel all the time. He played several clubs from Lisbon to other major cities in Portugal. He produced his first electronic dance music album in ’99 in a collab with his friend Benja.

Then his work took him abroad, having lived in Barcelona, London and Berlin, with professional trips to all major european cities, US and Canada. It was more than a decade of learning music, sound design, music production, mixing, mastering and sound engineering. During this time he developed his taste for House music as well as other genres like Techno or Minimal.

Kolatz is now back to Portugal and managed to build his studio for producing, mixing and mastering. He remixed many top tracks and plays all the hottest current tracks mixed with the ever-popular classics and keeps the dance floor packed till dawn. After actively working the turntables of several pubs and clubs from Barcelona to Berlin for over a decade, His eccentric and outgoing personality shines through in his ear-satisfying and energy packed sets.